Alone for the Holidays and Loving it

Nothing lonely about what floats my solo boat



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I’m a 40 year-old man (*profile pic is 5 years old), single, never married, and if the rest of my life goes according to plan I never will be married. Being single is the life I freely choose. I cherish my restorative, energizing solitude every bit as much as married/coupled people cherish their romantic relationship.

I know this life isn’t for everyone, as some types are more suited for it than others. I also know many single people don’t choose to be single. Just like the married life, singleness has big pros and cons of its own, so I would never present it as an inherently better way. But for people like myself who embrace singleness, this is a fulfilling life that brings immense joy.

Especially when I’m alone during the holiday season.

**record scratch**


Yes, you heard me right. I’m eating and celebrating alone this holiday season, and I like it!! Many people seem to fear the idea of spending the holiday season alone. They have a mental image of it as depressing, lonely, or worse. While I won’t deny that solo holidays are lonely for those who don’t want to be alone, that’s just not the case for everyone. I would always rather be alone for the holidays, and if I feel that way, I know there are others who feel the same.

Let me tell you what I like about it.

Alone for the Holidays: A Unique Pleasure few Know

In the single life I’ve discovered unique pleasures, and one is being alone for the holidays. While society likes to paint an idealized picture of peaceful holiday gatherings and family festivities (something I have nothing against btw, just so we’re clear), I’ve found profound satisfaction in the simplicity of solitude. The lack of stress, lack of conflict, freedom to structure my days as I please, and the absence of external expectations make for a truly peaceful and rewarding holiday season. And that brings me real joy.

On top of that, everyone spending time with their families gives me an opportunity to take a relaxed day to do something meaningful for myself. Creating my own unique holiday traditions that…




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