Beware of Easy Answers

9 min readDec 16, 2019

Beware of those offering them too

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

So many people are searching for answers these days. Thankfully … or not … ‘answers’ of all kinds are readily available and can be found all over the place in the medium of your choice. But are all these answers helpful? And can the people offering answers be trusted?

The people of today have so much depression and anxiety and carry a heavy burden of woes such as burnout and debt; some may even wrestle with existential dread. Meanwhile, even those who have found success feel like somethings missing, and they still don’t feel genuinely happy in spite of their accomplishments. It seems like people everywhere are feeling exhausted and starting to question: What’s the point of it all? Although the exact questions will vary by individual, the types of questions being grappled with are serious.

Faced with doubts and worries like these, there’s a resurgence of people turning to their spirituality, and/or embracing spiritual or quasi-spiritual practices. I think this is a good thing! I myself closely feel the presence of God, Jesus Christ, and my Saint in my life, and their presence gives me comfort, guidance, encouragement, and peace.

But people looking for answers to ‘the big questions’ like those above might not be in the best place mentally or emotionally. It could be an intensely painful life event that has made them ask the questions in the first place. When people aren’t in a good place mentally or emotionally, they can be easily preyed upon by those who know how to do so. Even if they aren’t in a bad place, it’s easy for both salespeople and scammers to prey on a person’s hopes and desires for better days, more happiness, and more love.

There’s a plethora of spiritual practices out there, being presented by all kinds of people. They run the gamut … there’s a whole lot having to do with meditation and yoga … chakras … crystals and moon rituals, and so on. Meditation and yoga are another story. It’s the crystals and so on that I want to address. I’m certainly not opposed to someone starting up their own business on Etsy or something, making and selling crystal pieces or other sorts of charms. But those are basically just lucky charms, like rabbit’s feet, and of course they’re not being presented as such (that would be bad for sales). Yes, with so many…




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