Build a Daily Bible Reading Habit

It’s one of the foundations of your spiritual growth in Christ

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Building Your Bible Reading Habit

Well first, I think you’re gonna need a Bible. Seems important. Don’t worry — I have a free one to tell you about (and no I’m not sponsored by them)!

Pick Your Version

If you’d like to read The Bible for the first time or the zillionth time, I can’t stress enough that you choose a version that’s easy for you to read and understand. Choose the version that speaks to you the clearest. This is vital because The Word is living, it speaks to you. Choose the version you connect with.

The Bible App; Reading Plans

This is why I recommend The Bible App (aka YouVersion, aka by Life.Church. It’s free, it’s available on smartphones (or whatever), and it lets you switch between tons of different versions (and languages) of The Bible quickly. It also offers various kinds of reading plans you can complete.

The Benefits of Reading The Bible Daily

I’ll never say that I find every single passage inspirational.

Know God’s Word

Perhaps obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. If we want to obey God in our lives as Christians, God’s Word is the only acceptable blueprint for knowing what our lives should then look like. How can we obey God’s Word if we don’t know what it is? Read The Bible every day and build up knowledge of it over time.

Encouragement and Inspiration

Life is hard, and comes with so many worries, anxieties, troubles, and tragedies. One thing you’ll notice when you start reading The Bible is that life has always been hard, for everyone. The Bible is a story about the human condition, about life in this fallen world, and how we don’t need to worry about that if we just have faith in Jesus — we get something much better in the world to come.

Learn some History

For the history buffs out there. The Bible is an excellent, highly detailed, and ancient primary source about life in ancient times. What was life like back then? What did people eat and drink? How did they spend their days? The Bible offers glimpses into all those aspects of life in ancient times and is interesting on its own for that alone.

Start Working out Your Spiritual Muscles

We have to exercise physically to stay physically healthy, and we have to exercise mentally to continue acquiring knowledge as well as staying sharp as we get older by exercising our brains.

Draw Your Own Conclusions

When it comes to your ideas of who God is and what They’re like, how did you come by those ideas? Did you form them yourself? And if so, how? Did you form them from your own personal experience, or some other way?

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