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Doom Eternal

Not long ago, I saw a post in a Christian Facebook group. A teenager posted about a newly reased video game: Doom Eternal. He explained that in this game you kill demons from hell. “Is this a Christian game?” he asked. “Because you kill demons.”

Other posters let him know that, of course, it’s not a Christian game because of the violence. He protested, explaining what he’d already said: In Doom Eternal, you kill demons from hell.

Same response: It’s not a Christian game because of the killing and graphic violence.

Source: Wikipedia

The kid seemed disheartened. He got the right answer, but not the answer he wanted to hear. Well we have to always tell the truth even if the other party isn’t pleased by it. This game could never be considered Christian. But besides the violence, there’s so much else that’s unholy about the game.

The plot of this game is full of blasphemies and demonic themes. The story of Doom Eternal is that the earth is being invaded and overrun by demons from hell. The humans are losing and getting slaughtered everywhere. But the game doesn’t only portray hell, it also portrays the forces of “heaven.” But in a blasphemous and demonically-inspired way.

The forces of “heaven” are present in this game, but they are indifferent to what’s happening on the earth. They don’t care about the demon invasion, and are willing to let events play out. As the game goes on, it turns out these aren’t Biblical angels at all-they’re portrayed as some other kind of being. Kind of like aliens. The leader of these “angels” has some agreement with hell to let demons invade and destroy worlds, to harvest souls for energy.

The God of the Bible is nowhere to be seen. God has been replaced in-game by this blasphemous, demonically-inspired nonsense about these ‘angelic’ beings. This whole plot and the entire game are out of line with the Bible. The main character uses demonic powers and technology in pursuit of his goals. The portrayals of angels-starting with them not caring about the demon invasion and then having them…




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