Natural Wisdom Part 9: A Tale of Two Bees

Run from sin and don’t look back!!

7 min readApr 1, 2022

If we get free from danger, free from addiction (etc.), we have to fly away. If we keep going back to it, even for a moment or a glimpse or a taste, we will fall back into the water, fall back into the danger.

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. If you missed the latest post on my blog (the update post), I am now doing posts once a week instead of three times per week. I hope that with this new schedule, more Readers will digest a higher percentage of my posts. If I’m able to return to the three posts-per-week pace I had before, I will.

It’s time for another post in my new series, Natural Wisdom. This is a series where I write about some of the lessons God has taught me, through nature. God teaches us so much through nature if we’re willing to watch and listen to see and hear the Wisdom.

Today’s post is inspired by an amusing incident I encountered while spending time in nature. It’s a humorous story of two bees, one of which I was able to rescue from a dangerous situation, and another which … well, you’ll see. But this brief incident which I’ll tell you about today taught me something about turning to God and turning away from our sins.




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