Seeds of Wisdom: The Lessons I’ve Learned from Growing Plants

Persevere in watering the garden of your life, and you will reap rewards from the good seeds you plant

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Keep on Watering

I filled the pots with soil, planted the seeds, and set them in places where they’d get plenty of the sunlight they needed. I watered them every day, usually in the late morning. Unless it was raining (that is God watering the seeds), I watered every day with no exceptions.

Seeds Grow Through Adversity

You know what must happen to seeds in order for them to grow?

You Reap what You Sow, so Plant Good Seeds

There are lots of seeds we can plant in our lives, but not all are made equal. Some seeds will produce detrimental or unhealthy outcomes for us when they finally grow. The damage may only become apparent after a long time passes.

Each Seed Grows at a Different Pace

It isn’t good to over-water your plants, they can kind of ‘drown’ like that. One of the easiest ways to burnout on a passion project is to try to do too much, too fast. To try to sprint straight towards the goal and the rewards you envision there, rather than moving at an appropriate pace and learning as you go.

Prune the Branches

Once you’ve got a couple seeds growing, perhaps a few passion projects or something, then you’ll start to see some growth and results. Flowers will grow lots of branches, but not all these branches will perform equally well.

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