Seeds of Wisdom: The Lessons I’ve Learned from Growing Plants

11 min readFeb 18, 2020

Persevere in watering the garden of your life, and you will reap rewards from the good seeds you plant

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Planting seeds and caring for the plants as they grow has gifted me some epiphanies and wisdom. We plant all kinds of seeds in our own lives with our actions, and we water those seeds with our daily habits and the things we spend our time on. Those seeds will grow and be ready for harvest one day, so we should be mindful to plant good seeds in our lives, and to properly care for them as they grow.

Late last year, I started a garden of sorts at my house. I knew just a tiny bit about the mental health benefits of gardening (working with your hands in the soil can actually make you happier — for real! Look it up!), but my main motivation was just for something to do in the yard.

I had a number of planter pots and seed packets left over from a previous abandoned attempt at making a garden. I resolved to take proper care of the plants this time. I bought some potting soil and thought about which seeds I should plant. I had flower seeds and vegetable seeds.

Flowers or vegetables? One looks pretty but is functionally useless. One looks ugly but will provide food. I decided to plant the flowers, thinking they’d be easier to care for, and they might help the bee population too.

Keep on Watering

I filled the pots with soil, planted the seeds, and set them in places where they’d get plenty of the sunlight they needed. I watered them every day, usually in the late morning. Unless it was raining (that is God watering the seeds), I watered every day with no exceptions.

Keep on watering the seeds, even when there isn’t any visible growth.

Some seeds didn’t show signs of growth for a month! But I never stopped giving them the water they needed. Finally, I noticed tiny little sprouts of green in those slow-growing pots, and I knew I had done right by continuing to nourish them even when I could see no results at all.

If you have some project or dream you’re working towards, that is a seed too. You need to keep watering those seeds if you want them to grow, if you want to harvest something from them later. You have to keep…


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