#shorts Part 18 — How to Guitar for God

Worship music is a genre with a purpose



God is at the center of Christian worship music, not the singer, or any of the people playing the instruments. It’s all about God, not the guitarists. And this is a big reason why there are no guitar solos in Christian worship music. This music is not about showing off our skills and what we can do on the guitar (etc.). It’s about giving praise and Glorifying God.


Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another #shorts post.

One thing I know I haven’t mentioned about myself is that I play guitar. Well, “play” is being a little generous. Might be more accurate to say I “make noises with the guitar.” But I enjoy the guitar and it’s my favorite musical instrument. I want to get better at it, and am trying to do so.

Despite my skill level, last month I was given the opportunity to join a Christian band. After praying on it, I took the opportunity. As of this writing, I’ve already gone to the first band practice and played guitar. It was fun, and it’s great to experience new things like playing in a band with others. Never done that before.

But as I learned the songs before the first rehearsal, I had a realization about worship music and what it is. An epiphany about how worship music is different from other music, and how people playing worship music play differently than secular musicians.

And that gave me the idea for today’s topic. How do we play worship music, and what does it mean to play worship music??

Keeping it Simple, for the LORD

I like me some secular music, and it’s what I listen to most of the time. Unlike some Christians, I don’t See it as inherently evil just because it wasn’t written to Glorify God, and the musicians don’t care about Glorifying God. If the lyrics are innocent love songs or songs about a guys dog, I don’t see any problem with that. The problem is that a lot of secular music is not innocent. So much of it is incredibly sexual, violent, or glorifies drug use. It’s true that we need to be careful about what we listen to.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I was not familiar with Christian music. So as I started learning the songs to…




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