#shorts Part 22 — When We Put God on Mute

We all shut out God sometimes

5 min readOct 4, 2021


Lord, you speak, but we are deaf.
You call, but we do not want to listen. David Clowes, Let Us Pray: 120 Prayers for all Occasions, Prayer #50, Pages 52–53


Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another #shorts post.

And today’s post will truly live up to that label of “#shorts.” Sometimes that’s how it is, and that’s okay. Today’s #shorts post is a prayer. It comes from a book of prayers called Let Us Pray: 120 Prayers for all Occasions, by David Clowes.

Let Us Pray is a book of 120 short and quick prayers. David Clowes is a long-serving Methodist minister, and the prayers in his book come from his experience. I found this book when I was helping my parents clear out some of the clutter in their house. I found it in a pile of stuff and thought, “hey, that looks pretty useful.”

Now I know finding the book was another one of God’s little gifts that He’s always giving. I enjoy reading my one prayer a day from this book, which is usually one of the last things I do for the day. So this book has become part of my nighttime routine.

Anyway, enough about that. Let’s get on to the actual prayer. This prayer, #50 in the book, is about when God speaks to us, but we are deaf to Him.

Deaf by Choice

Looking back on my life, in hindsight I can see some important times in my life when God was trying to get through to me. Significant times, when God was trying to warn me and help me. But I couldn’t hear Him, because I didn’t want to hear Him. Thankfully for me, God was with me the whole time, and looking out for me even when I didn’t care about Him.

And then came the time when I was Born Again. Now I had made a public declaration of my Faith, and devoted my life to following Jesus. So now I would never again shut out the LORD, right??

Wrong. Even after being Born Again (and I’m still a fairly new Christian, immature in my Walk), there are still times when I try to handle my problems on my own. There are still situations that I don’t take to the LORD for consultation with Him. There are still areas where my pride and stubborn stiff-necked…




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