#shorts Part 3 — Glory to God ALL the Time

Don’t let prosperity make us prideful



Well, God doesn’t want our genuine Faith only when we’re at rock bottom. He wants to hear from us at all times; good times and bad. It’s easy to see the LORD at work when He delivers us from a bad situation. It’s easy to see a bright light in a dark room. But in broad daylight, it’s harder to see one light that’s shining at us. It’s easy to forget about God when everything is good and we’re genuinely happy. We become prideful and attribute our success to our own efforts. The same thing the Lord condemned Israel for through the prophet Hosea.


Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another #shorts post.

Today’s quick tidbit comes from Hosea. And it’s about something were all guilty of from time to time, something we all need to remember and stay on top of.

Most people have no problem turning to God when things are bad. But when things are good, do we think about God then?? Or do we forget about Him?? That’s the question for today.

We only Want God when We’re Down

The prophet Hosea was active a very long time ago. He prophesied the word of the LORD, who had many things to say against Israel at that time. Of the many things the LORD spoke, chapter 13 verse 6 speaks to of sin that is so common for people of faith.

When times are good and we’re prosperous, we must give God all the Glory for that, since it’s all God’s doing. If we enjoy good times it’s only because the LORD chose to bless us with that for the time being (and we should know that He is also guaranteed to bless us with times of hardship too).

But because of our sinful and prideful human nature, it’s so easy for us to forget about God when times are good. It’s so easy to forget about God, and to attribute our success to our own efforts in planning. It’s a very common sin, but we must recognize it as sin since that’s what it truly is. It’s prideful and offensive to God because we’re forgetting about what He’s done for us.

But we are not the only ones guilty of this, far from it. A look through the Old Testament reveals this sin cropping up again and again. And the LORD addresses it in Hosea 13:6.




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