#shorts Part 34 — Are You Sure that’s Satanic??

What does this entertainment glorify?? That’s what really matters.

6 min readNov 19, 2021


It’s not effects or volume that makes music satanic. What makes music satanic is the Spirit behind the music; the intention of the musician(s). Look at the content (the lyrics). Who or what do the lyrics glorify??


Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another #shorts post.

In the previous post I wrote about guns. One thing I said was that guns can’t be evil in and of themselves. Guns are tools, inanimate objects. They can be used for atrocious evil, but they can’t be inherently evil, because they can do nothing on their own.

On another level, if left on their own with no human input, guns do not glorify satan. A person can use a gun to glorify satan by taking human lives, but if left alone, the gun itself cannot glorify satan or do anything at all.

So this got me thinking about what other things with bad reputations are not satanic. And the first thing I thought of was music. Heavy metal music and so on.

Did you know that there are not few, but many Christian metal bands?? Yes that’s right: Heavy metal. Once a vilified and hated genre of music. There are Christians creating Christian heavy metal music meant to Glorify God. How does that work?? It’s simple: What matters is the Spirit behind the music, and who or what the music glorifies.

The intent behind the music is what’s important, along with its content (lyrics). Because in the same way a gun is an inanimate object, and can’t be evil on its own, its the same with guitars and distortion effects.

Allow me to explain.

Why Would God not Like Loud Music??

Is heavy music itself inherently satanic?? Why??

What’s satanic about turning up the guitar distortion, or playing heavy and loud?? Let’s start with the second item there. Many of the Psalms tell us to shout to the LORD, to be loud in…




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