#shorts Part 41 — Blessed with Bonuses

The Christian life offers unexpected surprises



It’s just a reminder for me that following God is more than only pain, suffering, and trial. Following God also comes with a bunch of unexpected bonuses, nice little “presents” from the LORD.


Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another #shorts post.

I’ve written a few times before about playing guitar in a Christian band. And I’m happy to say that, only a few days ago (as of this writing) I performed live with them for the first time. Actually, it was public church service that we were doing. After we played our songs, the pastor preached a message for the neighborhood over our loudspeakers. So basically what we did was we brought church to the people on Sunday morning.

It’s too bad no one from the neighborhood left their house to join our service. But we know they heard us 😀

Anyway, I was really happy for the opportunity to play my guitar in a public performance. And it reminded me again of how we do get some nice, cool bonuses for following God. Because God is the One who opened up the door for me to play in the band.

When we follow God, the path is tough and has many trials. There’s a lot of pain. But that’s not the whole story. We also get good things for following God too, such as cool opportunities like the one I’m enjoying now with this band. And that’s what I want to write about today-the bonuses we get following the tough, narrow path.

A Blessing I Didn’t Ask for

A few days ago (as of this writing) I performed with the Christian band for the first time. And it was my first time ever playing guitar for an audience. Miraculously, I did a perfect job on a part that I had screwed up on a lot in practice. Well that had to be Holy Spirit Power, empowering me to get it right when it mattered, during the live performance. I did a good job that day, and so did the band.

But not a perfect job, of course. I made some mistakes, and the band made some mistakes. So we had individual and group mistakes. One of my mistakes was I kept causing feedback through the PA system. Well, that kind of thing is an opportunity to learn for next time. The more we play together…




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