The Law of Narcissism

Everything must come with a price



Is there anything more narcissistic than the Law of Attraction?

And is there anything more perfectly suited for narcissists?

In this post I’m pointing out the childish, materialistic, narcissistic philosophies inherent in using the Law of Attraction to manifest a dream life filled with anything we desire.

What’s the Law of Attraction?

I’ll abbreviate it as LOA. It’s not easy to summarize LOA, there’s a lot to it.

To put it as simply as I can, LOA is the idea that we can create (‘manifest’) whatever we desire in your life by thinking about it and imagining we have it. More or less. It also involves verbal statements we make to ourselves called affirmations. I’m leaving things out, but this is the basic idea.

LOA purports to work by us sending our thoughts and affirmations out into the vaguely-defined ‘universe,’ and ‘the universe’ rearranges to come in line with our desires and give us what we want.

The idea is that we can create our own reality by the power of our mind. LOA doesn’t rely on God, it relies on us since we are manipulating reality ourselves. That’s about as quick as I can describe it.

So LOA tells us that we can make anything we desire appear in our life, with no costs to us. Want a new car? Keep thinking about it and doing LOA, the universe will make an opportunity to get one. Want a beautiful girlfriend? Keep thinking about her. The universe will put her in our path somehow. And you get the idea.

If you look this up on YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of videos by dozens of content creators with titles like “Manifest Anything!” “Manifest Your Dream Life!” And the worst title of all: “Make Someone Fall in Love with You!” That is witchcraft and the very idea of it is wrong; what if the other party doesn’t consent?

The point is, LOA is now popular once again (it is not new).

But it sounds great right? Who wouldn’t want to be able to think anything they wanted into existence, skipping over the hard work it takes to get it?

I can tell you who wouldn’t care too much: People who aren’t materialistic…




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