Toxic Self-Improvement

Self-Control is the true superpower

10 min readJun 23, 2021


All the positive benefits of nofap and semen retention lie in the Self-Control these habits build. Self-Control is a Biblical Virtue and it’s a good thing to cultivate any way we can. But that must be our only goal-cultivating the Virtue to honor the LORD. If we do nofap or semen retention in a quest for magical superpowers, we’ve gone way off track. So don’t let Satan ruin a good thing. Both of these habits are good things for Christian men to do. But always be on the lookout for the Gnosticism and magical thinking that surrounds these online communities.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another post. And today’s post will be something a little different.

Today’s post is about a men’s health topic. It’s also about the Spiritual significance of this men’s health topic. Women may not get as much out of today’s post as men. Just letting you all know.

Anyway, have you heard about nofap and semen retention?? These are two self-improvement habits with a constantly growing online presence and community. Millions of people are doing these self-improvement challenges and enjoying them, myself included. Nofap and semen retention are healthy, positive habits for a man to practice. And since masturbation is a sin that goes against God’s Law, abstaining is good.

And yet, not all is well. There are negatives to the culture and community surrounding nofap and semen retention. Some of the ideas in these communities are infected with dangerous Spiritual deceptions like Gnosticism. So while we should highlight the positives of nofap and semen retention, we also need to call out the negatives. And there are negatives in the communities surrounding these good habits.

So read on if you’re not discomforted by this subject, and find out more.

Keep it Real Guys

Let’s talk about semen retention. You may have heard of it before, because it seems to be something popular right now. Do you know what it is?? I’ll summarize it like this. It’s the belief that semen has mystical creative powers granting productivity, focus, and




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